top layers

We have been manufacturing surface layers since 2004. Due to our long-term experience and our ongoing process optimization we are able to produce raw material products of highest quality for the wood industry.

Steps of our production process:

  1. Cutting of round timber to fresh top layers by a state-of-the-art bandsaw technology
  2. drying of the slats to 8 +/-1% by fresh/exhaust air drying chamber
  3. Calibration with a tolerance of max. +/- 0,15mm
  4. Formatting to the requested width
  5. Formatting tot he requested length
  6. Individually customized quality sorting

Advantages for our customers

  • Consistently high production quality
  • Individually customized quality sorting
  • Flexibility concerning length and width
  • On-time delivery
  • Approved goods: PEFC™FSC®

Type of wood / dimensions

  • • Oak wood:
    length: 300 to 5000mm, width: 100 bis 315mm, strength: 2,5 bis 6,2mm
  • • American black walnut wood
    length: 1000 bis 2500mm, width: 100 bis 200mm, strength: 4,1 bis 4,5mm
  • On request: maple, cherry, alder, ash, elm beech wood and many more